[AMRadio] DX-100

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 12:10:55 EST 2007

Jim Wilhite wrote:
> I have a couple of panels that are straight that could be rescreened 
> if anyone needs that kind of thing.  They are very grungy and have the 
> hole for the SSB/AM switch which could be filled and sanded if you do 
> not need it.
> The problem with repainting the panels is the silver/gray paint color 
> is not available.  You can get a close match in color, but it will not 
> have the sheen of the original.  I remember this being stated 
> previously by someone who wanted to redo their panel several years back.
> For the logo, Glenn Zook is now making them.

In the Tradeshow business, the sign-shops have access to material that 
looks sometimes 'wild', Nuevo, out of the world, or just plain-jane normal.

Typically, they will take a regular pre-cut Sentra panel and cover it 
with either a thin cover of color, or a particular pattern.  Either way, 
the covering I'm thinking of I saw on this show that I was setting up 
for in New Orleans, and it's on a Sentra panel, but it appears to be 
Brushed Aluminum.  I seem to recall that the DX-100 (I've had a couple 
over the years) had very close to the same color/texture. 

If someone had a nice, clean picture of the front-panel of a DX-100, I'm 
sure that some print-shop could re-create it, perfectly.  You could have 
a screen made of it, I suppose, for imposing on a metal panel, -or- you 
can have a thin-as-film, exact size reproduction created from a 
photograph, attach it to the panel and cover it with a clear varnish, 
then carefully drill holes, mount switches, etc... and it would -look- 
like a DX-100.  Not the same as having the letters screened on, but I'm 
thinking that it'd be a heck of a lot cheaper to have a plotter print 
out a picture.  You could even print out a template for having the 
front-panel machined, if necessary, drill the holes according to the 
template first, then affix the printed front-panel-cover with some 
sticky adhesive on the back side to the front, and THEN cover it with 
something clear to keep the adhesive from slipping after another 40 or 
so years of use...

There are options.  Depends on how much of a Purist you want to be.  The 
more pure, the more expensive.

As for me, I don't give a damn how something looks, as long as it works 
well.  If it don't work well and I need to make a modification to 
something, then sure.  I'll drill a hole in a heart-beat in a Collins 
32V2 if needed.

If the meter works, and the knobs are controllable from the front panel, 
then hey - that works for me.


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