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Invitation to New "Shortwave" Hams

by Paul Courson WA3VJB

The AM Community on the shortwave ham bands is rolling
out the red carpet in response to the FCC's decision
to discontinue the Morse code license test in the
Amateur Service. Vintage radio hobbyists running
Amplitude Modulation have long provided a means of
introducing casual shortwave listeners and others into
the hobby by virtue of their easy-to-tune signals.

Ease of operating on AM is part of today's allure to
the newcomer arriving on the high frequency bands,
especially 160, 75 and 40 meters.  Vintage radio gear
is typically constructed of point-to-point wiring on a
large chassis that is easy to service. Vacuum tube
technology is well documented and simple in comparison
to what's inside contemporary transceivers. This
encourages the newcomer to explore how the rig works.

On the air, the relaxed, storytelling nature of the
typical AM conversation is also a welcoming
environment for someone not yet known by a group they
may encounter on the bands. The pace of the
conversation is more thoughtful than what's often
found among other modes and activities. The revival in
AM the past 10-15 years has meant lots of newcomers,
so you will be jumping on a train that's already

One of the premier AM websites to provide a more
elaborate overview is http://amfone.net where more
than a thousand people have signed up to participate.

Hope to hear you on the airwaves soon !


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