[AMRadio] Chip needed...

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Feb 27 20:27:45 EST 2007

I am looking for an IC chip to fix my swan wm-3000, I
replaced the diodes with 1n34a and it works fine on rms,
but the pep reading is still dead.
All the other parts check fine, so I need to get a
small 8 pin IC chip made by NEC with the part number
of C151C.
It says on the top of the chip:

 NEC r62
 C151C  319

I see they made a C151C but cant find any cross listing
or source for it.
I looked on Mouser and in an old ECG master replacement 
guide with no luck.

I had got an auteck research meter off ebay but its prone
to RF, its got a remote pickup, but on AM anyway, it reads
all over the place if you touch the meter box.
Nice meter otherwise, it automatically computes the swr, no set
button or knob.

I just won a Yaesu ys-60 meter on ebay, which looks nice,
but I read the reviews on eham that it is not good for
much power.
Of course I read the reviews AFTER I buy one...

I also bought a used IC 756 pro as an exciter for the homebrew
rigs, it makes a good exciter and I like the band scope.
The receiver sucks and the TX AM sounds poor, but the scope is real nice.
Used ones are a good value for such a nice radio (if you like ssb).

I also ordered an alpha delta dx dd antenna as an experiment, its
supposed to be good for 80 and 40 meters, and is about 82 feet long.
It has coils instead of traps, at the place where a trap would be,
close wound coils of enameled wire on a ceramic form.
I plan on putting it up where the old shortened 80 meter dipole was,
over the house lengthwise and at right angles to the home made
G5RV, to compare between the two and to give different signal lobes.

I still think the G5RV picks up more noise then the 40 meter dipole
did, so the comparison should be interesting.


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