[AMRadio] RCA BTA-1 series conversion questions

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Tue Feb 27 23:26:40 EST 2007

   In the medium future - towards early spring, I plan on restoring my RCA 
BTA-1MX to full operation and placing it on the Ham Bands - primarily on 
75M. It would be nice if it were agile enough to get up to 20M even, but 
at least 40.

   At some point 160M will be a factor, but not at my current QTH. The 
focus for now will definitely be on 75 Meters.

   I'd be interested / grateful to know of anyone's experiences - advice - 
topologies - component values - gotchas - etc when I get to converting the 
Old Girl over for AM FONE use.

   One example I've gleaned recently is the idea of insulating the 
Modulation Transformer from ground by mounting it up on standoffs of some 
kind - and I happen to have a set 'beefy' enough to do the job...

   Boy, is my Valiant ever going to be jealous...!

  Thank'ee in advance!



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