[AMRadio] WTB Tubes

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Mon Jan 1 00:40:18 EST 2007


Maybe $45.00 is a bargain if these are NOS, NIB, Amperex, Bugle Boy, 12AX7's

Recent Ebay Auction:

Vacuum Tube, Amperex, Bugle Boy, 12AX7, Holland, 17mm 								Item number:  								180065975621

auction ended at $62.56 for one used 12AX7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "better than new"

Some more:


    12AX7/ECC83     2     45.00     Telefunken, West Germany, Smooth plates,     great printing tests strong.
    12AX7/ECC83     1     45.00     Telefunken, West Germany, Ribbed plates,  great printing tests strong.
    12AX7/ECC83     9     35.00     Amperex, Holland, short plate, 1961 ("triangle"1K5 branded HP), 1964 ("triangle"4C1 branded Fisher)
    12AX7/ECC83     1     25.00     Marconi - Canada
    12AX7/ECC83     2     25.00     Raytheon, long black plate, "D" Getter, Military JRP-12AX7, 1957/1958 vintage
    12AX7/ECC83     1     25.00     RCA, long black plate, "D" Getter, rebranded Westinghouse
    12AX7/ECC83     2     22.50     Sylvania, long black plate, 1950s vintage, strong
    12AX7/ECC83     1     25.00     Hytron, long gray plate, "D" Getter, 1954 vintage, strong
    12AX7/ECC83     1     20.00     Tungsram, Austria


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> Your asking a Arm and aLeg For Them !

I thought $15 was a bit high for a 12AT7 as well...

Not much difference in the 12AT/U/X7, anyway...




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