[AMRadio] New Year's Resolution-Getting Back on AM!

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Mon Jan 1 14:05:53 EST 2007

Hi Geoff,

Do you continue to feed the antenna at the apex, or did you move it?

What do you use for feedline (coax, ladderline, etc)??



Mark W1EOF

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> On 12/26/06, Bob Scupp <k5sep at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Geoff-
> >
> > Thanks very much for all the great info on your
> > improvements and additions to your G5RV.
> I don't think you understand.  I'd -never- use a G5RV antenna.  I've
> never heard one that I thought was worth of using for a transmitting
> antenna.  Some people might argue that fact.  If it works for them,
> fine.  I've tried one before, and was never happy with it.
> The antenna I'm talking about, started as a 75m Inverted vee, apex'ed
> around 60'.  In order to build the loop, I merely closed in the bottom
> of the loop.  MY Loop is only 240~250 over-all feet long, that is 60'
> tall, 120' wide and 20 or so feet off the ground.  Shaped like a
> Pyramid, or a Tri-angle, the antenna is called a "Delta Loop", and
> it's a full-wave length on 75m.  Works like a bomb on 75m, and even
> better on the higher frequency bands.
> IF I had the room, I'd do the same thing, for 160m, except I'd want
> the feed point to be -at least- 120' in the air.
> > BTW- I fully agree with K4KYV's statement about the
> > necessity of using a scope to monitor your AM signals.
> > That's something else I will have to work on.
> > When I get to that point I sure do have a great group
> > of AMer's to guide me!
> Otherwise, you never know what's happening in your transmitter.
> There are others that say that monitoring your envelope pattern isn't
> good enough, if you have a scope... you should be watching the
> Trapezoid pattern, instead.
> Well, I've got a dual-trace scope... I just might start watching both ;-)
> Hope you (and everyone) had a great Holiday, whatever you 
> celebrate, if you do.
> --
> Operating your AM rig without a scope
> is like driving our car at night without headlights.(~K4KYV)
> 73 = Best Regards
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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