Coil Construction, was: [AMRadio] Fun with 4D32's...

Larry Keith kq4by at
Tue Jan 2 13:19:14 EST 2007

Thanks Larry.
How do you keep the spacing of the holes

I have a "homebrew" table that attaches to my small drill press.  The table
has a fence and a stop.  I use spacers (plywood strips)stacked against the
stop.  I drill a hole and remove a spacer, reposition the work, drill a
hole, etc..

Since the handbook says the antenna tuner is good
for 250 watts of AM, I would need to at least double
the size of things, from the #14 at 8 tpi, about
a foot or more long, to ?
#10, or #8, or thin copper tubing?

I have built coils using #12, #10, #8 and using copper tubing, using the
same construction methods.

Balance is important, maybe hard to do with
a home brew coil..


I did not study the text, not sure if its supposed to
cover 160 meters, but if I built one, might
as well include 160...

You just doubled the coil size, if it wasn't designed for 160...

I know I will need to make some sort of coil 
form/support to achieve a good balance.

Polycarbonate sheet.. Mounted on stand-off insulators..



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