[AMRadio] Moving the list - PLEASE RAD

A.R.S. - W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 12:51:07 EST 2007

Hello All,

Qth.net has been having some issues recently where several ISP's,
including Charter.net, Cox.net, and others have been bouncing all mail
coming from qth.net.  This has caused major problems where the list
software is dropping accounts of our members.  This has affected ALL
QTH.NET lists.

Within the next day or two, I am going to move our list to a dedicated
list server of mine just for the AMRadio list.  In this process, I
will have to copy all members email addresses and import them to the

Only thing I can't export from the current list server is your
personal settings, like digest mode, and other things.  It will assign
you a temp password and email that to you, so you can go into the
control panel and update your settings, but only if you need to.

I am hoping this will be a smooth process for the members, and for
most, I think it will be.

At this point qth.net has not resolved the issue with the numerous
ISP's and we have lost many members for basically no reason.

As soon as I complete the move, I will post a message to the new list
indicating what the new email address is for posting messages to the
list, and the link to the new control panel.

Please bear with us on this transition.

Thanks & 73
Brian / w5ami

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names
the streets after them. - Bill Vaughan

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