Coil Construction, was: [AMRadio] Fun with 4D32's...

Jim Wilhite w5jo at
Thu Jan 4 17:20:37 EST 2007

True if you go slow.  Too much heat and pressure can cause 
stress cracks.  But one can do it the way you describe.


> Jim, never had a problem with cracking if you use a drill 
> press.
> Dave, W3ST

>>I am not sure what polycarbonate is, but use Lexan.  You 
>>can drill and cut it with your normal power tools without 
>>problems of melting at the drill or cut lines.
>> If you use the old stuff, you should modify your drill 
>> bit by removing the edge of the cutting planes.  In other 
>> words, make it dull and drill very slowly or it will 
>> crack or melt.
>> Jim
>> W5JO

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