[AMRadio] Re:More AM Air Checks

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 13:34:52 EST 2007

Brian, Geoff, we can do a vcrsion of this now. Why not
take us stations who can make a recording, and combine
the tracks with pre-tuned website streaming audio? I
know of at least two receivers that you can program
and listen to on HF. I don't know if the quality
compares to what we are doing locally.

I have CoolEdit Pro on a Billy Gates terminal, and
ProSound Tools in this PowerBook G4 (Mac). It's a
little hard to slip the second and subsequent tracks
to synch them just right. But wow, imagine 3 or 4
channels worth that you could scroll through to check
how "stout" you  might be. Dean-o,, by the way, is
always stout, regardless of signal.

A few years ago, a fellow in upstate New York who was
a re-seller of satellite transponder space used to
plug his receiver output into an uplink channel. This
allowed anyone with a Ku Band dish to listen to the
action on 75m AM anywhere in the satellite's
footprint. Cool stuff.

I think he got hyellified one time when there was some
off-color material in a QSO somewhere to he pulled the
plug on an unmoderated feed. Not that there isn't some
XXX stuff e3lsewhere on the same bird, no doubt.

HELLO ERTHLINGS we come for your hyellowee radios. We
feed on bad audio.

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