[AMRadio] Re:More AM Air Checks

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 14:02:31 EST 2007

VJB wrote:
> Brian, Geoff, we can do a vcrsion(sic) of this now. Why not
> take us stations who can make a recording, and combine
> the tracks with pre-tuned website streaming audio? 

Who has and wants to volunteer the server/bandwidth for that?

> I have CoolEdit Pro on a Billy Gates terminal,

That's the software I was thinking of.  I've got a copy of it, too.. but 
it's on a drive on a machine that's probably kicked it's toes in the air 
for the last time (need to check the ram in that machine, to verify it's 

It's also the same machine I was using to operate the rig via remote 
control over the internet (ala KC9VF).  Yup - gotta get that one 
working, again.

> A few years ago, a fellow in upstate New York who was
> a re-seller of satellite transponder space used to
> plug his receiver output into an uplink channel. This
> allowed anyone with a Ku Band dish to listen to the
> action on 75m AM anywhere in the satellite's
> footprint. Cool stuff.

Even cooler if that could be done on a 'moderated' basis.   Or, have the 
person that's providing the uplink put it on a 'timer' so that those who 
have the equipment to listen to the birds, will know when to listen for 
75m AM signals.  One of those birds (I don't keep up with sat stuff, and 
haven't even seen any keplarian data since 1993) has/had a footprint 
that covers North American pretty much en mass.  I do not recall if it's 
in a geosynchronous orbit, or it makes passes from time to time.  Be it 
Geosynchronous, it's got to be like having a repeater with a 22,500 
mile-high antenna.  Wonder how many no-code tech-less wonders there are 
up there?

Speaking of...

I've heard some of the 'off-color' stuff that happens 'on the air' by 
'some' hams in the NorthEast (sad to say, some of them I heard were/are 
AM'ers, but to be fair, the catalyst for those 'times of desperation' 
was K1MAN firing up on an existent QSO) and it's amazing how different 
parts of the country, even on Radio, have different cultures.  "SOME", 
in the NE think it's 'ok' to use an expletive remark once in a while, 
others do it on a continual basis, but while the Central part of the US 
it's about as common as seeing snow in the Florida Key's (and I'm 
talking about that Winter Precipitation type of 'snow', just to clarify).

Larry Lowry/WD5CFJ one time had the idea of about 5 transmitters all 
linked up with a geosynchronous satellite so that when one was keyed, 
all 5 transmitters came on the air at the same time.  Now, that'd be 
fine if say, in Texas, there were one in Amarillo, Brownsville, El Paso, 
Beaumont and San Antonio (or Austin).   If each of those stations had 
Receiving apparatus that could be fed into on internet streaming feed.  
Larry claims that the VFO's could be synchronized with a time-pulse 
signal that's sent down from the bird.

Absolutely cool stuff!

73, etc

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