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On 1/9/07, W1EOF <w1eof at hamnutz.com> wrote:
> Brian -
> I offer web hosting to Hams (www.hamnutz.com).
> Tell me what your requirements are (storage, software, emails/day).
> 73,
I am sending this to the entire list since I haven't divulged the
email I got from Lunarpages.com as yet.


To answer your question, and according to Lunarpages, I suspect in one
day, it would be 14,400 emails distributed!  As you (and all) can see
from the message I received from them yesterday, we exceeded a hidden
limit of 600 emails per hour.  I called to ask where this limit was
published, and they said no where.  It's just a limit they decide to
impose based on their terms of service.

To put it in simple terms; according to them, if I had an email list
that had 600 members, and ONE member sent an email to the list, the
mailman server would be shut down, since ONE email was distributed to
600 recipients.  They said (on the phone) it caused severe disruption
and load on their server.  Of course, their solution was for me to
allow only a few members to post!  How lame is that solution?

I admit, I could have heard wrong since everyone I talked with could
barely speak English, and the only other language I know about 5% of
is German, and they sure weren't German.

In actuality, I blame myself for not asking about these sort of
"unpublished" limits.

73 - Brian / w5ami

Message from Lunarpages.com below:

==== Enter your reply ABOVE this line ====
Dear Brian Sherrod,

The following ticket has been created by a member of our staff for you

Your question's details:

============== Title: ==============
disabled email

============== Message: ==============

This message is to inform you that you have exceeded the permitted 600
per hour. This causes server instability so we had to disable it. Please
ensure that you do not go over the limit again. Once you have assured us
this will not occur again, we will go ahead and reactivate the email.

Feel free to contact us back should you have further quesions and or

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Ation Gilliam
JSAI - System Admin Team
Phone: 1-877-LUNARPAGES/1-877-586-2772 (U.S. & Canada - Toll-free)
Phone: 0800-072-9150 (U.K - Toll-free)
Phone: 1-714-521-8150 (International)

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