[AMRadio] Alabama Man Mounts Tower Protest

Mike Duke, K5XU k5xu at jam.rr.com
Tue Jan 9 18:50:03 EST 2007

In case you aren't aware of this.....

Jan. 05 2007,09:20 by
Wayne Spires (KF4BJT), a Wetumpka, AL ham is now sitting perched a top his 
foot radio tower behind his house in protest of a judges ruling forcing him
to become a part of a homeowners association. He says that 20 years ago when 
bought the property located along the river that it was listed as 
He has been atop the tower for about three or four days and says he will not
come down until his next court date which is scheduled for Feb. 5th.

The nationaly syndicated radio team Rick and Bubba out of WZZK 104.7 in
Birmingham, AL interviewed Mr. Spires, his wife, and a daughter live by 
morning. They also talked yesterday by phone to the sheriff who said as long 
Mr. Spires does not try to hurt himself or somebody else his department
will not interfere. William "Bubba" Bussey (KJ4JJ) the co-host of Rick and
Bubba, explained on yesterday's show the importance ham radio can play in a
time of emergency and the importance for good towers for hams to own and 
(Bubba is a very active ham and promotes it often on their program.)

His family as well as other neighbors, friends, and hams all are sending 
support to him.

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Mike Duke, K5XU
American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs

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