[AMRadio] Hope everyone is back!

Greg Schultz Sr w5ry at cox.net
Wed Jan 10 10:35:44 EST 2007

Thanks for you reply and efforts with the AM list.  I enjoy reading the
mail on this and other listings and will hang in there till it is

Greg W5RY

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On 1/9/07, Greg Schultz Sr <w5ry at cox.net> wrote:
> Brian, around Dec 22, I stopped receiving all of my list(milsurplus,
> arc5, etc) from mailman.qth.net.  I can't figure out what happened
> except that they were blocked by my provider -- cox.net. Now that you
> moved back to qth.net, I started receiving it ok.  Any ideas how to
> this problem for my other lists?  I checked options on each and all
> set to disable due to excessive bounces.
Hello Greg,

I think qth.net has most of the bouncing issues resolved, in
particular with cox.net and one other ISP I can't think of at this
moment.  Many people on our list had their accounts disabled during
that time frame, and that was one reason I was pressed to find another

All I can say is that I hope we can survive here for a bit longer.

Brian / w5ami
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