[AMRadio] Antenna tuner info

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 11:03:37 EST 2007

EP Swynar wrote:
> Brett,
> In the matter of rope, do NOT use polypropylene! (that's the commonly yellow
> stranded stuff) --- it may be "penny-wise" & cheap at the outset, but it's
> "pound-foolish" & costly in the long run...especially when the darn stuff
> comes apart right at the height of the low band DX season (like mine did
> here recently).
> Polyprop is VERY sensitive to UV deterioration --- I give it a "healthy"
> lifespan of no more than two years out-of-doors. For my money, I spend the
> 50% - 100% extra & go with NYLON rope. It's not exotic, it's readily
> available, & just like the Everyready bunny, it just keeps going, and going,
> and going...

Speaking of...

>> guy line is a conductor, but it's hard to work with.  You would probably
>> have to use cable clamps and some conductive grease would help stave off
>> corrosion over the years.  Guy wire is galvanized and holds up towers
>> for years and years and years.

If you use a big enough insulator and pulley, you can use maybe a 
smaller ga. of galvanized rope for the supports on each end.
Then there's no worry about UV, except on whatever it is he uses to hold 
the pulley in the tree. 

Aircraft cable comes to mind...


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