[AMRadio] Antenna tuner info

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jan 10 15:27:05 EST 2007

Brent, nylon rope will withstand quite a but of UV.  That 
black stuff they sell is a bit better, but small nylon is 
locally available for me, so I used it to guy the vertical 
portion of my inverted L.  It has been up two summers and I 
can't see any deterioration at all.

Almost all packages of rope have a chart on back that gives 
information about its ability to withstand various elemental 
conditions.  Check the package and one with at least 4 out 
of 5 stars for UV will do fine.

I do all I can to keep anything metal as far away from high 
current and voltage points on my dipoles.  Then I be sure 
the ends of the dipole are almost as high as the center. 
Those high voltage points will induce a lot of current into 
adjacent obstacles including the ground, distorting the 
pattern and reducing radiation efficiency.


>I think you could get away with it if you used a few
> feet of rope, or a few long insulators, but I really
> don't like the idea of having all that metal
> close to the antenna.
> Good rope lasts 5 years or so, and is not expensive,
> but I was wondering if the 'special' stuff they sell
> for radio is any better....
> Brett

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