[AMRadio] Strange 10 Mc. signal

J.D. Mac Aulay, WQ8U jmac6235 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 10 16:44:23 EST 2007

Aren't the EPIRBs around 406 MHz?
  Hillsborough, NC

Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
  The other day I dialed up WWV on 10 MC and heard a strange 
sound, almost like an EPIRB. Thinking that it might be one 
as I live near a lake, I called my neighbor who dialed up 
but by the time he turned on his receiver, the signal was 

Just a few moments ago, he called to say he was on WWV and 
heard the same signal. I turned on my receiver and sure 
enough it is there.

It is almost masked by WWV, but when there is a fade, or 
when the tone is off I hear it. I cannot determine a 
direction from my location.

Wonder is anyone else can hear it?


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