[AMRadio] Strange 10 Mc. signal

AB3L1 at aol.com AB3L1 at aol.com
Wed Jan 10 18:06:04 EST 2007

I hear a male an female voice, whistling and music underneath here in  
Same using a vertical or the zepp. Spanish?. I don't hear it when I tune to  
either side of WWV and it is not the WWVH. Along with it is tone that goes 
from  low to high quits and than starts over again. Duration is from 1-1/2 sec or 
 so but sometimes a bit longer.
This is really clear with  the FT-1000 on CW. Not as pronounced but  readable 
on AM. WWV is picking up strength now at 6:05, started checking at  5:45.

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