[AMRadio] Strange 10 Mc. signal

Jim Miller WB5OXQ wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Wed Jan 10 18:51:35 EST 2007

WWV is clear as a bell in central Texas right now but I will check it 
frequently  WB5OXQ
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>I hear a male an female voice, whistling and music underneath here in
> Pittsburgh.
> Same using a vertical or the zepp. Spanish?. I don't hear it when I tune 
> to
> either side of WWV and it is not the WWVH. Along with it is tone that goes
> from  low to high quits and than starts over again. Duration is from 1-1/2 
> sec or
> so but sometimes a bit longer.
> This is really clear with  the FT-1000 on CW. Not as pronounced but 
> readable
> on AM. WWV is picking up strength now at 6:05, started checking at  5:45.
> Bob
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