[AMRadio] Alabama Man Mounts Tower Protest

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Hi Ann,

I am so hostile towards Rust and Howell for falling all over themselves to endorse Mister Big Spender Mayoral Candidate, that I
shouldn't go for that reason alone.  They need to get into another line of work as far as I'm concerned.


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> In case you aren't aware of this.....
> Jan. 05 2007,09:20 by
> kg4rpe
> Wayne Spires (KF4BJT), a Wetumpka, AL ham is now sitting perched a top his
> 68
> foot radio tower behind his house in protest of a judges ruling forcing him
> to become a part of a homeowners association. He says that 20 years ago when
> he
> bought the property located along the river that it was listed as
> unrestricted.
> He has been atop the tower for about three or four days and says he will not
> come down until his next court date which is scheduled for Feb. 5th.
> The nationaly syndicated radio team Rick and Bubba out of WZZK 104.7 in
> Birmingham, AL interviewed Mr. Spires, his wife, and a daughter live by
> phone
> this
> morning. They also talked yesterday by phone to the sheriff who said as long
> as
> Mr. Spires does not try to hurt himself or somebody else his department
> will not interfere. William "Bubba" Bussey (KJ4JJ) the co-host of Rick and
> Bubba, explained on yesterday's show the importance ham radio can play in a
> time of emergency and the importance for good towers for hams to own and
> use.
> (Bubba is a very active ham and promotes it often on their program.)
> His family as well as other neighbors, friends, and hams all are sending
> their
> support to him.
> for another report, check:
> http://www.wsfa.com/Global/story.asp?S=5883357&nav=0RdM
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs
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