[AMRadio] FS: 10Y, BA Test Gear, Radio/TV News

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 14 17:56:16 EST 2007

For Sale: BA Test Gear, Magazines, 10Y Tube

10Y Tube, as used in BC-375 and BC-191 WWII military
transmitters. Triode roughly equivalent to 801 or 10.
Good used tube. $15 plus $8.60 US priority flat rate
box mailing.

Bliley Model CCO 1C Crystal oscillator. Small test
crystal oscillator with common IF frequencies
175-200-262-370-455-465-1000 or can use external
crystal. With original alligator clip input and output
probes. In wonderful original cosmetic condition.
Working as designed for all the IF freqs. External
crystal works up to around 5MC.  With manual
photocopy. Only uses two tubes: 12SK7 & 12SL7.
Caution: This is AC/DC equipment with no power
transformer so it must be used with an isolation
transformer (not included). $55

Heathkit AG-7 Audio Signal Generator. This was one of
the very early Heathkits. The front panel has one
noticeable paint scuff and a few smaller ones. The
cabinet has scratches and messy paint in several
spots. Untested and as-is. $22

Jackson Model 106 100kc to 216MC RF signal generator.
Has 400 cycle AM. Cabinet has some scratches and paint
drips but it should cleean up to look excellent. Odd
design has AC line cord coming out of the top of the
unit. Leather handle is intact but I wouldn’t try
using it much. Untested. As-is. $29

Heath/Zenith 1984-vintage Novice course in vinyl
binder with 2 cassette tapes. Looks like agood course.
Very good conditor or better. $12

General Cement Radio Belt Data booklet. Undated but
probably 1949 or so. No cover and might never have had
one. Belts arranged by mfr and model. $1

Jack Darr’s Service Clinic Number 3, Tab hardback,
1975. This is almost all TV and color TV. $5

The Editors of 73 Magazine, The Power Supply Handbook,
Tab hardback, 420 pages, 1979. Mint condition. I have
another copy of this book and have used it a number of
times. It’s very good in general but light on TX power
supplies. Just about all solid-state. Covers 3-phase,
does a good job on regulation, etc. $12

Audio Magazine, March, 1961. “Triode Operation of
KT88’s”. $4

Radio and Television News: $2 each
	1950: October, November
1952: September (no back cover), October
	1953: January, February, December
	1954: March, April, May, June, July, August,
November, December

Citizens Radio Call Book And Technical Review
Magazine. I have a 6 inch high stack of maybe a dozen
issues or parts of issues from 1930-1933. These all
have no covers, may have pages missing at beginning
and end, and are dirty with ratty edges. $5 for all
plus $5 media mailing.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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