[AMRadio] Appreciation

w4rl at bellsouth.net w4rl at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 15 23:37:34 EST 2007

This is Robert W4RL Trustee of the Gulf Coat Mullet Society W4GCM on 3885 AM mode Thur 600pm CST or maybe just a little later depending on when the NCS finishes up his evening chores.   We are a laid back group.

A message to all the five lander AM'ers.  It is just a real pleasure listening to you fellas during the evening hours from here in Pensacola FL on 3880.  Your distinct drawl and flow of recent events on the ranches, farms, and small cities is so enjoyable.  All of you are such gentlemen on the airwaves. Should I say AM Cowboys?   

Anyway gentlemen, if you fine the time you all are welcomed to mosey on in to the Mullet Society camp on Thursday evenings for a hot cup of AM coffee by the camp fire. 

thanks to the AMRadio Reflector for the post.

bst 73 de w4rl robert        

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