[AMRadio] Looking for antenna multi-coupler

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Jan 19 14:09:24 EST 2007

Have four, possibly five boatanchor recievers to feed from the same 
antenna port - looking for a 50-ohm multi-coupler to accomplish this - 
right now everything is BNC-teed together and of course it's affecting 

   Tube or solid-state, no matter - although a tube-operated device would 
not interfere with the AM Boatanchor Metaphor of my current station. 
Connectors can be N, BNC, SO-239, even SMA.

  PLEASE REPLY DIRECT TO ME, off-list to: jpl15 at panix.com with asking 
price, including pack/ship, to Northern Nevada (Carson City) zip 89706.




PS: Naturally - I just sold the nice one I had lying around, last year at 
a swap meet....  D'OH!

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