[AMRadio] Looking for antenna multi-coupler

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 14:28:41 EST 2007

John Lawson wrote:
> Have four, possibly five boatanchor recievers to feed from the same 
> antenna port - looking for a 50-ohm multi-coupler to accomplish this - 
> right now everything is BNC-teed together and of course it's affecting 
> Things...
>   Tube or solid-state, no matter - although a tube-operated device 
> would not interfere with the AM Boatanchor Metaphor of my current 
> station. Connectors can be N, BNC, SO-239, even SMA.

I don't have one to offer, so that's the reason for the reply to the list.

I tried the same thing, with a pair of receivers here.  I found that 
adjusting the antenna trim on one receiver affected the sensitivity on 
the other.

Currently, I have 4 receivers in my stable (one borrowed from WD5JKO) 
and they are (3) Hallcrafter R-274 (SX-73) and one RCA AR-88 (thanks Jim).

the only way to -really- use them at their potential, is to

a) feed each with different antennas
b) use a coax-switch to switch between them.

Besides, it's not -really- diversity if all receivers are listening on 
the same antenna, is it? ;-)

The only -other- idea I can think of, since we're talking about an AC 
voltage here, is to use something like a line transformer, into each 
receiver, if you 'insist' on using all receivers on the same antenna.

Perhaps I'm being obtuse about it, but I surely don't see the advantage 
to having 4 or 5 receivers on the same antenna, unless you're monitoring 
different frequencies at the same time.

73, etc

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