[AMRadio] How much is too much?

Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Fri Jan 19 15:05:39 EST 2007

Not trying to be rude but why don't you look at the manuals for the 
Johnson Matchboxes on the BAMA site?  It tells all about them, has 
schematics, etc.  There's a lot of GOOD information hiding in those 
manuals.  I know, I looked at them just last week.  I'm in much the same 
mode that it appears you are.

73 de W5SAW
Steve White

Brett gazdzinski wrote:
>> I have been watching Johnson matchboxes on ebay,
>> and the KW ones go over $300.00 and I 
>> don't want to spend that much as I plan on
>> building something once I get the parts and design
>> figured out.
>> Once the antenna stuff arrives, I plan on putting up
>> about 100 feet of dipole fed with homemade open
>> wire line, in place of the 40 meter dipole, so
>> I need to get it to work if I want to be on the air.
>> The Johnson 275 watt (250?) matchboxes are less, good to
>> experiment with, can they handle 275 watts of AM?
>> Anyone know?
>> Brett
>> N2DTS 
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