[AMRadio] Looking for antenna multi-coupler

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Jan 19 15:30:53 EST 2007

  Lemme make some change fer them two coppers, Brett...

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, Brett gazdzinski wrote:

> Are you going to listen to all 5 at once?

   Sometimes three simultaneously - usually the R-390 on the channel I'm in 
QSO on - the R-388 to tune around and 'spot' with, and the multi-band WWV 
reciever that I use to get a quick snapshot of average propagation 
conditions across the HF band.

> What I do is install a simple rotary switch so I can select

   I have a couple of 75-ohm video punch-n-crunch switchers, but that 
doesn't allow multiple recievers, nor does it isolate the 'feed' from the 
radios' input networks.

> Any kind of one antenna in to 5 receiver out passive device
> will include LOTS of loss, each receiver would get less then
> 1/5 the signal.

   Agreed - that's why I want a Coupler, not a Splitter.

> Any active device would likely cause much more problems than
> its worth with added noise, overload, etc.

     You might want to do a bit of looking into the subject of active 
couplers - only the cheapest and incompetently designed units would fall 
under your surmision, IMHO.

> Just my two cents...

  And here's your ha'penny back, Sir...   ;}



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