[AMRadio] How much is too much?

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Fri Jan 19 19:42:16 EST 2007

I had never been to the bama site.
The manuals don't really say anything other
than 275 watt matchbox and the kilowatt matchbox.
Nothing about duty cycle ratings, AM or ssb power levels,
etc. Most stuff does not give AM power levels, many
antenna's, baluns, etc,  say full legal limit or 2kw and 
will burn up in under 5 minutes on AM at 300 watts.

I know any tuner can be damaged running it the wrong way, but
there is also the amount of power (current mostly) they can handle
without melting the coil plastic and so on.

I have been studying all sorts of info on tuners, open
wire line, etc.

Not knowing how the antenna length along with the open wire
line length is going to work on various bands, tests will be needed.

I have seen some simple designs (one cap, one coil with link)
that might work on some/all bands with the new antenna, or maybe
it wont work on any bands.
Other designs are more complex, with a total of 7 variable
cap sections (matchbox stuff has 6). 

There is everything in between as far as designs go...

Well, I am learning a lot about balanced tuners, and will
learn more as I build prototypes and see what works...


> Not trying to be rude but why don't you look at the manuals for the 
> Johnson Matchboxes on the BAMA site?  It tells all about them, has 
> schematics, etc.  There's a lot of GOOD information hiding in those 
> manuals.  I know, I looked at them just last week.  I'm in 
> much the same 
> mode that it appears you are.
> 73 de W5SAW
> Steve White

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