[AMRadio] Looking for antenna multi-coupler

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Jan 19 22:07:22 EST 2007

One of the many hazards of this here electronics thing-gie is your
thoughts travel faster , than your fingers, and the fingers leave out
very pertinent data/info.

I should have mentioned that:
Firstly, I use an EF Johnson 250 watt matchbox as the input (RX)
tuner, This brings the feedline for the "RX" antenna into the shack
, from there it goes to the PSC4-1 units (got three) which are 1 in
and four out splitters for 50 ohms. In two cases, the feeds go to
a radio eng. Hdbk design matching network pair which changes 50 ohm to 150 
ohm for the pair of HQ-129X RF input. Those rcvrs work
with BC-610 rigs, but the input for them is 150 ohm approx.

The heathkit gear while it works fine needs a little preamp to make up
for system loss. No tuner but a preamp, that would be the SB-series gear, 
the Mohawk is 150 ohms also so it "needs" a tuner for best

This sort of thing goes on and on depending on what RX I am feeding
signal to! There are reasons for "system design" and signal degradation
is one when receiving. Secret to splitting signals for receive is to
measure approx, input level to the multi-coupler (from antenna SYS)
then compensate for it after you are through the "splitter".

Or you could just tell everyone you talk to that they need more
signal! Hi!

As always YMMV


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> Assuming it is terminated properly, a two way power splitter such as the 
> PSC-2-1 has 3 dB loss in
> the two way split plus another approximately 0.5 dB loss for a total loss 
> to each output of about
> 3.5 dB. For the four way like the PSC-4-1, the  loss to each output will 
> be about 6.5 dB. This loss
> may not be noticeable on the lower frequency bands. If the loss is 
> objectionable a preamplifier
> ahead of the splitter can be used.
> Jay W1VD

>> Ah actually,
>> there is little loss if done properly.

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