[AMRadio] 30S-1 and AM

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 21 11:56:53 EST 2007

>I was wrong on my assumption about the 30S-1 being
>capable of 
>legal-limit AM output. 

Joe before you posted your update I was prepared to
modify my presumptions about the junior Collins

So I am back to my opinion none of these smaller,
less-vintage units is capable of adequate AM. The
deterioration in that capability started with the
transitional 75A4 and was complete by the KWM-2 and
32S.  Even the KWS-1 is inadequate on AM.

This disparity and lack of AM functionality is
probably why there has been such a segregation between
the two groups of Collins enthusiasts. Many if not
most of those who favor the junior models don't
support the senior models that fully produce wholesome

The few who collect and enjoy both sets seem aware of
discussing them in mixed company.


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