[AMRadio] 30S-1 and AM

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I support Paul's assertions.

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> >I was wrong on my assumption about the 30S-1 being
>>capable of
>>legal-limit AM output.
> Joe before you posted your update I was prepared to
> modify my presumptions about the junior Collins
> models.
> So I am back to my opinion none of these smaller,
> less-vintage units is capable of adequate AM. The
> deterioration in that capability started with the
> transitional 75A4 and was complete by the KWM-2 and
> 32S.  Even the KWS-1 is inadequate on AM.
> This disparity and lack of AM functionality is
> probably why there has been such a segregation between
> the two groups of Collins enthusiasts. Many if not
> most of those who favor the junior models don't
> support the senior models that fully produce wholesome
> AM.
> The few who collect and enjoy both sets seem aware of
> discussing them in mixed company.
> Paul/VJB
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