[AMRadio] Frequencies

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Jan 24 14:31:17 EST 2007


Yes, I was having a time getting the alignment right.  I had to add or 
subtract a small capacitance in the turret modules to get the needed 
resonance on some of the bands.  Once that was correct she fell right 
into place.  I guess the years took their toll on the coils and 
capacitors.  She is steady as can be now and the ends are dead on.  The 
center is fairly close too, but due to the gigantic amount of real 
estate the capacitor has to cover it's not perfect.  However, with the 
logging scale it's possible to get right on the money after noting the 

Thanks for the tip.


Jim Candela wrote:

>   I don't recall hearing if on your SP-600, the HF Oscillator was on the correct side of the incoming frequency.  Wasn't it you who were having alignment problems with that SP-600?  You might keep that in mind before you order some rocks. :-)

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