[AMRadio] Frequencies

Theo Bellamy theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com
Wed Jan 24 15:57:57 EST 2007

No ... just that they exhibit an awareness that if their carrier is zero 
beat four kc below a LSB qso their USB component will clobber them. I 
know the AM receiver will receive both sidebands.

I only mention it as I have been qrm'ed out of a few QSOs lately in the 
3.6-3.7 area by AMers who didn't seem to realize they were close enough 
to cause a problem.

Frankly I wish there was a separate AM subband. The modes are NOT 
compatible. They haven't been for the 40 years that I have been on 75 
meters, and I don't think that is going to change. I have believed AM 
needs it's own frequencies since 1964. Trying to mix them up by calling 
cq on AM wherever you please is fine, as long as you are careful about 
it. I don't want to see raging AM vs. SSB wars up and down the band like 
there was back in the 60s. That sucked. It brought out the worst in 

73 - Theo K4MO

Jim Wilhite wrote:
> Please clarify your meaning Theo.  Are you suggesting that AM 
> operators should give a very wide berth (more than 4 Kc) to SSB 
> operators?
> Jim
> W5JO
>> Just remember, as you move about the band looking for clear 
>> frequencies on 80 meters to call CQ on AM, that the Sideband qso up 
>> four kHz that you don't hear will get blasted with your upper sideband.
>> Not that I expect the "AM only til I die" crowd to really care, but I 
>> thought I would mention it anyway.
>> 73 - Theo K4MO

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