[AMRadio] Frequencies

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jan 24 17:51:35 EST 2007

Well Theo I do all I can to avoid interfering with other 
communications, but sometimes it is unavoidable.  If the 
bands are crowed and I find a hole that is 5 Kc. wide, I 
will call or answer someone there.

I remember those SSB vs. AM days very well, having been on 
the air since 1955.  But what drives me up the wall are the 
guys who modify their SSB transceivers for "wideband audio" 
then complain where someone with an AM carrier appears 
anywhere within 5 Kc. of them.

Another thing that gets my goat are those who run their 
audio so loud with a big amp following.  They create more 
troubles than all  AM operators.

Then there are those with no tune amps.  They have no idea 
what they have but the convenience of not tuning the 
amplifier.  If they have one of them, it is incumbent on 
them to be sure their output signal is no more than 2.8 
Kc.at 60 db down.  But many of them feed wideband signals 
into them causing a lot of trouble for everyone including 
SSB operators within 5 Kc.

Given the newer stuff has a notch that will remove the 
carrier from their receiver and I am willing to tolerate 
their signals if I am 4 Kc removed, I believe they should 
too, or narrow their receiver to reduce what they hear.


> No ... just that they exhibit an awareness that if their 
> carrier is zero beat four kc below a LSB qso their USB 
> component will clobber them. I know the AM receiver will 
> receive both sidebands.
> I only mention it as I have been qrm'ed out of a few QSOs 
> lately in the 3.6-3.7 area by AMers who didn't seem to 
> realize they were close enough to cause a problem.
> Frankly I wish there was a separate AM subband. The modes 
> are NOT compatible. They haven't been for the 40 years 
> that I have been on 75 meters, and I don't think that is 
> going to change. I have believed AM needs it's own 
> frequencies since 1964. Trying to mix them up by calling 
> cq on AM wherever you please is fine, as long as you are 
> careful about it. I don't want to see raging AM vs. SSB 
> wars up and down the band like there was back in the 60s. 
> That sucked. It brought out the worst in everyone.
> 73 - Theo K4MO

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