[AMRadio] Frequencies

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jan 24 18:55:18 EST 2007

Some of these guys are just as bad as the wideband SSB 
group.  Audio passband is something that needs to be 
adjusted for conditions as, at least, a very few of our 
group suggests.

There is at least two guys who monitors this list that will 
adjust the audio equalizer to reflect the conditions when 
they are on the air.  AM operators should do their part too.


> That isn't as easy as it sounds when the AM station down 
> four Kc has removed anything in the audio section that 
> might limit the response so it will make the operator 
> sound like Earl Nightengale and his upper sideband extends 
> up from his carrier frequency about six or eight Kc.
> I love to listen to a well adjusted high fidelity AM 
> signal. Sometimes they fit on busy band. Sometimes they 
> don't. Hopefully with the new expansion there will be room 
> for all to operate as they choose.
> 73 - Theo K4MO

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