[AMRadio] Frequencies

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Thu Jan 25 06:18:34 EST 2007

> Yes .... they are a special breed, aren't they? But it is another 
> example of the incompatibility of the modes. Wouldn't you prefer to have
> space to operate AM where there were no SSB signals at all?

That is a nice dream but it will never happen. There is always
a handful of SSb ops who will operate inside any designated 
AM sub-band to try to cause trouble and mayhem. At least
that was often how it has been over the past few decades 
in the area around 3870 to 3895 kHz. What makes anyone 
think that can be stopped? Not even Riley or prohibition 
could do it! (grin!)

The good thing is that with 400 kHz we can all give each other 
a lot more elbow room now.

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