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W2INR w2inr at amfone.net
Thu Jan 25 07:06:48 EST 2007

An AMer get on the air after carefully checking the frequency . There 
are no QSO's within 10 kc's either side of the frequency he finds. He 
calls CQ and gets a few responses. After about ten minutes several in 
the QSO notice there is some SSB chatter on the upper side. Someone has 
pulled within 2.5 KC of the AM QSO. ( more than likely because they have 
a 2.5 filter). As soon as someone joins the SSB QSO they  sit there and 
complain about the AMers being too close. The AMers call it intentional 
and the road we have paved is already bumpy with no facts .

Does anyone come down to the AM QSO and try to work it out - - - not too 

Does the offended station try to correct the problem by moving up a bit 
- - - -not too often.

Does either station try to correct the situation by moving,or must we be 
machismo and hold our ground. (BS)

So what does the SSB operator do?  They sit there and complain for hours 
and do not enjoy their QSO and of course it is because of the AMer.

Of course this scenario is bias towards AM but it also occurs the other 
way also. Neither is in the best interest of either party or our hobby 
and perspective modes.

It's the lower class mentality of the operators. Why take the high road 
when you can sling mud and then complain you got some on yourself. There 
will always be whiners, bullies, etc etc. They are the minority.

We can take the high road or  - - well you now the rest.

You can hear this highly professional operating techniques every day on 
the bands. It is not limited to just AM vs SSB but also SSB vs SSB and 
AM vs AM. I never really got a grip on this as this is a hobby and 
should be fun . I guess disrupting QSO's and complaining for hours is 
fun to some. I really do not understand this but I have this to offer.

Get rid of the chip on the shoulder

Get a life

Get on the air.

Get the VFO, BFO or your wrist fixed so you can move.

Treat others as you would be expected to be treated ( you reap what you sow)

The world isn't perfect , neither is our hobby, bu we can certainly make 
it better by being better people.


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