Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Thu Jan 25 21:08:15 EST 2007

More dumpster diving,... at a different place...
I found a bird 82a 500 watt (continuous) dummy load,
2 telescoping antenna's made by TMC no less, they extend
and lock to a total length of 218 inches, (18 feet 2 inches)
or anything less.

Make a good 10 meter dipole, or cb antenna I suppose.

The Johnson matchbox 275 watt tuner arrived today also,
an ebay special, coil inside was broke, someone hacked
it up doing something with the input link, I don't know
what,  I think I got it fixed.

Odd on these balanced tuners that some types have the link
unbalanced, that is, there is ground side and a hot side
in the center of the balanced coil, where you could make
2 separate links in parallel or something, with the centers
to the rf and the outsides to ground.

So the 45 foot mast is here, the antenna wire arrived, 
I can make the open wire line quickly, got new rope,
got the tuner, I just need some nice weather.



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