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Thu Jan 25 21:50:00 EST 2007

Yes, but you would think if you really wanted it
balanced, the rf would go to the center of the link,
then say 4 turns each side to ground.

Almost all the tuners are built with one link,
and one side is ground, the other hot, and it works
it seems...


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> > Odd on these balanced tuners that some types have the link
> > unbalanced, that is, there is ground side and a hot side
> > in the center of the balanced coil, where you could make
> > 2 separate links in parallel or something, with the centers
> > to the rf and the outsides to ground.
> Brett,
> My homebrew balanced link tuner is this way.  The link connects to the
> 50ohm coax.  One side goes to the shield and one to the center (hot).
> Others use a variable cap with the link.  Mine rotates within the main
> coil for loading.
> 73
> Brian / w5ami
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