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Fri Jan 26 12:21:16 EST 2007

So much confusion!
We are talking about a link input balanced tuner.
Like the Johnson matchboxes.
The link feeding the thing is centered over the balanced 
coil that goes to the balanced feedline.
So far so good, the link is centered over the big coil,
so each side gets half the RF, but one side of the link
goes to ground.
one would think the hot side would couple more rf into
that side coil.


Look at the designs.


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> >> it's AC, not DC...  which actually means, I think, that I 
> also don't
> >> agree that one side of a balanced tuner with a link, 
> should not have 1
> >> side of the link tied to ground.  it should go to the open 
> wire line.
> >> not to mention that there should be probably some series 
> capacitance in
> >> the output link, to tune out any reactance in the link.
> >>
> > The link does not feed the antenna in a balanced tuner Geoff.  The
> > main coil feeds the antenna.  I know, as that's what I've used for
> > years...  The link couples the rig to the tuner.
> ok... now I think we're talking about two different things...
> I was talking about a link coupled balanced-tuner. completely 
> independent of the final.
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