[AMRadio] Classic Exchange - CX - this Sunday!

J.D. Mac Aulay, WQ8U jmac6235 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 26 21:06:38 EST 2007

Attention all Classic Gear lovers (AKA Boat Anchor lovers)
  This Sunday the Classic Exchange "CX" will be on the air and everyone is invited to join  in the fun of hearing and working those wonderful classic rigs of the 40's 50's and 60's  (and today the 70's) that were the pride and joy of our youth - in dreams or in reality.
  The CX will be on two Sundays - the one before the SuperBowl is the CW date and the Sunday after the SuperBowl is for phone (AM, SSB and FM ! )  VHF and UHF are welcome!
Check for specifics in Electric Radio Magazine or on the ARRL web site or on the CX web site at 
  (Be sure to make the "CX" Caps)
  Hope to work you this Sunday or in two weeks
  Hillsborough, NC

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