[AMRadio] Wealth of help

Alan Beck abeck at xplornet.com
Sun Jan 28 19:06:58 EST 2007

Tnx, I am getting lots of replys ;-)


K3PID wrote:
> The mentors are here Alan. I have asked for help on many occasions and I
> have always gotten the info I needed or a pointer to the source. Three
> things to keep in mind! If you ask specific technical questions ( what's the
> DC resistance to the chassis of the T5 input side on the HQ-145 ) I doubt
> that anyone in the list knows it off the top of our head but with a little
> encouragement someone will find it. If you ask general operating and
> procedures questions ( What is the proceedure for getting in to an existing
> round table?) you will probably start a two mile long thread and most likely
> see a lot of very opinionated responses. BUT, the most important thing to
> remember Alan, is that most of the lists members fall into that vast
> category of the silent majority. They only respond when that have the answer
> OR they know where it can be found AND most of us just ignore the general
> ranting that sometimes occupies the list. I subscribe to a couple dozen
> lists and this one [AMRadio} is actually one of the quieter ones. That is
> until someone encounters an obnoxious, rude, ignorant ham wanabe who figures
> that somehow AM is not a real/valid/viable mode and since he/she doesn't
> know the code and isn't AM capable, figures that making an ass of
> himself/herself in the middle of an AM QSO........
> OK, Sorry, I got carried away! But most of us are generally helpful and
> pretty tolerant and if we can answer the question, we will!
> Ron H.
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