[AMRadio] New antenna results!

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Jan 29 12:35:08 EST 2007

 After the dismal performance of the Johnson matchbox, I 
tried using the heathkit antenna tuner in unbalanced config.
I tied one RG214 to the open wire line and tuned up
the 32v3 on 40 and 80 ok. At high power (600 watts carrier)
the tuner arced on 80 meters at 3880 but not at 3835.
I cut about 10 feet of open wire line off and it did
not arc.
So I put the antenna up permanently, after cutting 40 inches off
each end of the antenna, so its tight, it was to long before
and wound up as a V.
Made contacts on 80 on Sunday morning, and actually got on
Sunday night, something I had not done in 10 years or more,
as I used to get lots of rfi complaints from the people
living close to my house, and I had a poor antenna.

So I guess its like a G5RV sort of, nothing gets hot
at 600 or 700 watts of carrier, and nothing is arcing at
about 2500 watts pep at 3835, 3880, or 7290.

Receive is very good, signal reports seem very good
for only about 100 feet on top.

It wound up at about 40 feet high.

I am quite pleased with the antenna.
80 meters was in very good shape, and I 
hope to do plenty of operating there.
Got my fingers crossed about the tvi/phone


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