[AMRadio] new antenna and matchbox a bust.

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Jan 29 21:14:13 EST 2007

Sounds like an interesting antenna!
I must say, I do not trust baluns at high
swr, high power, or on AM, but you can get lucky.
I heard some people ran fine till the band change went
into effect, and when they slid down the balun caught fire!


> Brett,
> Yep, that length of VN era comm wire is the longest string 
> I've ever raised here, but it fits.
> Going to the loop design I know did this:  My Antenna Loading 
> Control capacitor is now fully meshed while tuned to 160, 
> 80,and 40 meters.  I use about all the inductor on 160 
> though.  On 80 and 40 the inductor uses but a 1/4 of it's 
> range of inductance.  Antenna pattern, well I know something 
> has changed (I know, well duh), It seems to be able to "hear 
> and talk further".  The fully loaded antenna loading 
> capicator speaks for that ie getting more fire into the wire. 
>  My run of the mil off the shelf 1:1 tuner has never burned 
> up, and the 10 feet of 213 coax had not given me any apparent 
> problems.  In fact, I did that design (getting the feedline 
> throught the wall) by the suggestion from an engineer at one 
> of the commerical manufactures of balums, antenna phasing 
> units and such.  They advertise every month in qst.  Told me 
> to specifically use a 1:1 at first attempt.  And if it did 
> not self distruct to stick with it and use the minumum amount 
> of coax between the balum and tuner.
> Robert W4RL

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