[AMRadio] Re: New antenna results!

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Tue Jan 30 13:49:03 EST 2007

Brett gazdzinski writes: 

> I have about 15 feet of the RG214 between the tuner
> and the open wire line.
> In the past, doing experiments, I have had the coax
> get very warm, high current point I suppose.
> But as it is now, the coax is stone cold.
> So the high current points must be at the open
> wire line....I would guess... 

More than likely high VOLTAGE points, which are worming up the dielectric in 
the coax due to the dissapation factor (=loss) of the dielectric material. 
Coax, being a low-impedance feedline, can take some pretty high currents 
without complaining. It is not, on the other hand, designed for very high RF 
voltage between the center-conductor and shield, which is what you have when 
there is a high SWR, at high power,on the coax. Depends to a great degree on 
the dielectric used in the particular coax you have. 

If it works, use it ;>) 


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