[AMRadio] Re: new antenna and matchbox a bust.

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Jan 31 08:46:58 EST 2007

My lot looks exactly like a piece of pizza.
At the tip of the slice, I have a cedar tree that supports
the antenna in the back.
The house (ranch) sits lengthwise about in the middle
of the lot, not much room on the sides, the left side
has 20 feet to property edge, the right side 5 to 10 feet.
That side has the power feed to the house and phone line.

The street is the crust and the power/phone/cable runs 
along the crust (on poles).

The front yard has some medium size trees, but only one 
that is clear of the power/phone lines to the house in front.
The more I go out in front, the closer I get to the phone/power lines.

The antenna runs from the cedar tree to a tree in front,
which is located closer to the house then the street on
the left side, if you are looking from the street.
The open wire line drops down in the back yard close 
to the shack, a little to much out from the house, but
not too bad.

I doubt I could put up a tower even if I had the money,
a tall mast might be possible but the wife would likely
have to go before that happened.

The loop idea is very interesting, but it would be hard
to do if I want to keep away from all the power/phone lines.

I could change the length of the antenna if I run wire
through the trees and down, instead of rope, but I don't 
want to start a fire in the trees.

While a resonant antenna is always best, short of that
I heard the more wire you get up the better.

Maybe I could add some small loading coils 3/4 the way
out each leg to get it closer to a match on 80, although
the antenna seems to work well so far, but might pick
up more noise then a loop. Last night I had an S6 electric
motor hash for an hour (vacuum cleaner?).
3880 has a TV horizontal sweep noise on it most of
the time...


> That's all the room he had.  I can relate.
> A while back, Craig, I was messaging with Brett, and took the 
> opportunity to look him on on qrz.com, then loaded up Google 
> Earth, and 
> looked at his lot.  He's got trees, neighbors, is on a corner 
> lot, but 
> it's not a big lot.... several other limiting stipulations 
> are involved...
> > That's why the suggestion to try a loop. My small city lot 
> will not hold a full size 80
> > meter dipole either, tried loading coils but they just arc 
> under any power.
> I've said the same thing.  If you've got room for an inverted vee, 
> you've got room for a Delta Loop, and that's what I'm running 
> on a 120' 
> x 60' city lot.  Lucky me, the tower was installed in 1981 
> (thanks Dad) 
> and therefore 'grandfathered' for any antenna height 
> restrictions.  No 
> Neighborhood Association idiots around here, either.
> I gotta say though... my 450 ohm ladder line runs from the back of my 
> tuner to the loop.
> --
> 73
> -Geoff/W5OMR

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