[AMRadio] Re: new antenna and matchbox a bust.

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Wed Jan 31 12:36:42 EST 2007

Geoff/W5OMR writes:
>> Shield -and- center, or -two- runs of RG-214?

Brett, correct me if I'm wrong. 

Originally it was 2 (two) runs of RG-214, as a balanced feed to get outside 
to the open-wire line from the Johnson Flashbox. Squirrelly tuning, so... 

He changed it to a single, fairly short piece of RG-214 between an unblanced 
tuner output and the open-wire feeders outside the shack, with the center 
conductor feeding one side of the open-wire line, and the shield the other, 
G5RV-like. He is having much better results tuning this lash-up. 

OK, so did I reduce, or add to, the confusion? :>) 


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