[AMRadio] Re: new antenna and matchbox a bust.

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jan 31 22:01:37 EST 2007


There have been several suggestions about putting up the 
loop and, in some situations, are correct.  If done right it 
is a good antenna for the situation you have.  Put the 
entire loop as high as you can, meaning if you have the 
space, put it vertical, if not put it horizontal, but high, 
it won't matter much for operation.

The one thing about them is they are much quieter for 
receive than a dipole or vertical.  But for  transmitting 
they are like a dipole.  The higher you can get it, the 
better it will match and work out distances.

Geoff's does a good job into my location considering the 
installation he has.  Another station down here that used 
one on 160 also had very good luck both transmitting and 
receiving.  In each case they had at least one point of the 
loop up high (meaning about 50 ft.or more) and the other 
points over 25 ft.

As you are discovering, antennas are the last black art. 
You calculate your installation, install the calculated 
antenna, then set about making it work for you.

If your loop is low, you are going to get good reports for 
short distances.  If it is high you will receive good 
reports for long distances.

Right now with the sunspot cycle and quite conditions, you 
will receive good reports with almost anything.  Do not 
expect anything you install to perform in this fashion in 5 
years.  Signal reports are just subjective, depending on 
band conditions, local noise and your installation.

I believe the space you have is suggestive of a properly 
installed loop for it will be easier to match if you follow 
the formula given before by someone.

Good luck and hope to work you sometime in the future.


> Ok, what is better, horizontal or vertical for a loop?
> How does the loop work compared to a resonant dipole?
> What would happen if I went up a few feet from
> the antenna as it is now, and ran back to the center?
> That would be about 200 feet of wire.
> Brett

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