[AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 42, Issue 14

Ron Lawrence KC4YOY kc4yoy at carolina.rr.com
Wed Jul 11 19:46:36 EDT 2007

>> Anyone got a HF Plate Modulated AM transmitter for sale in North Carolina. Hopefully the coastal area?
> Grab a good ol' Johnson Viking II.  They're floating around pretty much 
> everywhere, 

My friend Mark kc4yoi and I went to the Salisbury
hamfest Saturday. It was one on the best they've had in several
years. We got there at 07:30 with a good bit of activity already
going on the tailgating area. We hadn't been there 10 minutes
when I spotted my first purchase, a Johnson Viking 2.
I really didn't plan to buy anything like that, but a friend had it and 
made me a deal.
There were a good number of pieces of vintage BA gear there, and a bunch
of old friends and club members.
I bought a nice big Diawa CN-801H cross needle SWR/Watt meter,
it works great, much better than that old POS I've been using.
I also found 2 nice antenna switches in a box for $2 each.

Saturday night we put the Viking on the bench at w4zo's for a little 
check out,
and got it working after finding about half the tubes had shook out of 
their sockets.
100 watts out with 300ma on the plate. It's loaded with AM crystals.
I have to do is get the filter caps changed, it has some hum on the audio,
and replace the missing filament lamp holder.
Now all I have to do is find a place to set it up. I'm planning on using
my NC-183D with it. The Viking may just have to sit on top of the
National for now...

Looking forward to finding some good activity on AM.

73 all,

Ron kc4yoy

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