[AMRadio] R 388

kk4tr kk4tr at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 11 20:53:23 EDT 2007

THe problem is the band spread seems to be too wide on all bands and it has 
been this way all the time.  I initially thought that all it would be is 
just an adjustment on the PTO.  There was other thing that was there as well 
that made think that something else was the problem.  When the Crystal 
calibrator is on it shows up eactly where it is supposed to. Every 100 kcs. 
All the dials a correctly calibrated but it just does not line up with the 
PTO.  The PTO just doesn't have enough spread on it to encompass the 
spectrum it is supposed to. It reads 100 kcs too high and when you change 
the slide rule dial to correct the discrepency the pto will no go far enough 
to reach the top end of the band.   I don't want to take this thing apart 
unless I really have to. It is a very late model and is in pristine shape. 
This is my problem.  We could chat email to email if you like so we don't 
use up the reflector space.


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> On Wed, 11 Jul 2007, kk4tr wrote:
>> I was wondering if there were any experts on the Collins R 388 out here 
>> on the reflector. I have run into a special problem that I need a bit of 
>> advice with.  I have had 3 of these reievers and have never run into this 
>> problem I have.  Any help or advice would be greatly appriciated.
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   Kinda hard to know where to start without any kind of a description, 
> Joe.
>   What seems to be the problem(s)? What are the symptoms? How did it 
> behave just before the problem(s) occurred? Is it constant or 
> intermittent?  Is it mode-dependant? Band dependant? etc etc...
>   I've worked through some fairly 'special' problems with my own R-388s 
> and R-390s...  but always managed to get 'em fixed - especially with the 
> amazing assistance of the folks here on the Am Reflector...
>   Cheers
> John
> DM09fg
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