[AMRadio] Re: WTB: AM IRON in the North Carolina area

Greg bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Thu Jul 12 20:19:44 EDT 2007

Now I know everyone's opinion about which AM rig they like.
No one stepped forward in the North Carolina for a rig for sale so I'll just 
move on.
Kinston NC
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> ne1s wrote:
>> Not just personal opinion, it's a fact (Jack!). Myself, I do prefer the 
>> rack-style cabinet a bit to the "integrated" style cabinet of the Viking 
>> II, for aesthetics and also in terms of gaining access to those parts of 
>> the radio directly behind the panel. But I think the Viking II style is 
>> better ventilated.
>> Both great radios, though.
> No bout a doubt it!
> Right now, there seems to be a plethora of Viking Rangers on 'the bay 
> place', along with Valiants, and Adventurers, etc...
> Just type in "Johnson Viking" in the search box... I swear, man... they're 
> EVERYwhere!
> ;-)
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